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Alzheimer’s research is already substantially underfunded compared to other serious illnesses affecting large populations. This past year Congress allocated many billion dollars each for cardiovascular disease and cancer, but only $450 million for Alzheimer’s disease. ‘Of the top 10 deadliest illnesses in the U.S., only Alzheimer’s disease has no treatment to slow or stop the condition beyond symptomatic treatments. There is currently no prevention, no remission, and no treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.Not many people understand that some serious problems like suicidal thoughts, depression, flashback and feeling of being cruel might come inside the patients during the abortion process. This is the reason why every woman needs to be aware of the abortion pill unwanted effects beforehand therefore that later on no issues arise. For any other help or guidance, one can consider talking to a trained expert. He’d definitely render a whole lot of help to you. Consuming an abortion pill isn’t dangerous but doing this without the consent of your physician can be deadly.