The study found no strong correlation between calorie consumption and weight gain startlingly.

However, those studies didn’t demonstrate whether decreased activity level can be a reason behind obesity or a consequence of it. To conduct the current research project, Cameron and her colleagues studied 18 adult female monkeys over a 9 month period. Approximately one year before the research, the animals had their ovaries taken out, which successfully simulates menopause in ladies. Also, for a 12 months prior to the study, all of the animals were placed on a higher fat diet, mimicking that of a middle-aged female in the Western world closely. Throughout the study, each animals’ food intake, body body and weight fat were tracked regularly. In addition, researchers tracked the activity levels of the individual animals by using a small device named an accelerometer which was worn on a collar around each monkey’s neck..

Agenus closes previously announced acquisition of 4-Antibody Agenus Inc. , a biopharmaceutical firm developing novel immunotherapeutics, including a portfolio of checkpoint modulators , anti-cancer adjuvants and vaccines, today completed the previously announced acquisition of 4-Antibody AG, an exclusive European-based biopharmaceutical organization. For days gone by three years, 4-Antibody offers been applying Retrocyte Display to create therapeutic antibodies to six essential checkpoint targets that regulate immune response to cancers and other diseases.