Such as for example health insurance.

In his column, he outlines important provisions in the Affordable Care Act that are relevant to the Alzheimer’s community, such as for example health insurance, drug protection and long-term care. ‘Taken jointly,’ President Obama said, ‘these initiatives stand for a major step of progress in supporting people who have Alzheimer’s disease and those who care for them.’ The article’s publication comes as AFA embarks on a fresh campaign to concentrate the nation’s interest on the urgency of look after the escalating amount of families suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.6357, the Protecting Records, Optimizing Treatment, and Easing Conversation through Healthcare Technology Action of 2008 or the PROT Work, has insufficient privacy leaves and provisions sufferers vulnerable to bad, lost, stolen or misused data. In addition, the ACLU urges the House Methods Subcommittee on Health to consider how personal privacy protections will become built into new, high tech health systems since it hears testimony this Thursday. The subcommittee announced that safeguarding individual privacy and information security would be among the issues talked about at its July 24 hearing regarding health information technology.