Or hypertension.

That means not whether your blood pressure is usually high or low just, however your actual numbers. This study reinforces that. Among those surveyed with high blood circulation pressure, the analysis showed that the age-adjusted odds of a person acquiring medications to lower blood pressure are: 5.23 times higher for people who saw your physician within the past year compared to those that didn’t; 2.47 times higher for those with diabetes than those without the disease; 2.05 times higher for individuals who had medical health insurance than those who didn’t; 1.71 times higher for African Americans than for whites ; 1.46 times higher for people who explained their health as poor or fair compared to those in good health; 1.40 times higher for patients identified as having cardiovascular disease than those without it; 1.38 times higher for smokers than nonsmokers; 1.27 instances higher for U.S.-born individuals than foreign-born; 1.21 times higher for people with some type of formal education after graduating high school than those with less formal education.7. STAY SAFE IN THE SUN The ultraviolet rays provided off by sunlight are radioactive. This has become common knowledge over the past 25 years. As such, minimalizing contact with these rays shall lower the chance of developing cancer, and in turn decrease the need for cancer treatments. You’ll want to limit the usage of sunbeds. While study into the impact of these types of artificial-tanning products continues, most agree that there’s a direct correlation with malignancy. 8. AVOID CARGINOGENIC Chemical substances This one ought to be straightforward enough. If you’re subjected to carcinogenic – cancer-causing – chemical substances and materials, you boost your chances of developing the disease.