Marta Olszewska.

Overall, TEX11 mutations had been present in 5 of 33 patients with meiotic arrest and in 2 of 193 men with mixed testicular atrophy . Our sequencing evaluation of coding exons didn’t identify any of the TEX11 mutations in 384 controls with regular sperm concentrations ; only female carriers of three heterozygous mutations, c.1 percent , 0.1 percent , and 0.2 percent , respectively . TEX11 Protein Framework Modeling We modeled the TEX11 tertiary framework and estimated the potential effects of the identified mutations in TEX11 conformation .‘We believe the combination of the multipurpose system combined with the Advanced Delivery Technique getting explored at University Clinic Heidelberg allows TomoTherapy to continue to advance patient care. These improvements shall improve upon our unique type of beam delivery, widely considered to be the gold standard currently.’ The TomoHD treatment system will be commercially obtainable in the second fifty % of 2010 and offers been made to support the Advanced TomoTherapy Delivery Technique. The Advanced TomoTherapy Delivery Technique is a work-in-progress and is not available for sale currently. University Clinic Heidelberg is certainly a research partner of TomoTherapy Incorporated. Representatives of TomoTherapy are co-authors on the scholarly study noted above.

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