Marian Willinger.

However, the challenge of counseling couples about unpredictable outcomes isn’t new.26 We observed a recurrent variant of unknown significance in a telomeric area of chromosome 19p13.3 in eight stillbirths. This region is known to include multiple benign variants in addition to five loci in the OMIM data source that have been associated with disease but not with stillbirth or developmental disorders. The variant of unidentified significance that we seen in this region may be benign or may confer a threat of stillbirth. Likewise, we observed two deletions categorized as variants of unfamiliar significance in two stillbirths with major anomalies on postmortem exam. Whether these variants are pathogenic remains to be motivated.Yours Sincerely, Thomas A. Moore Chairman/CEO.. A blood check for pre-eclampsia could be in the pipeline A condition in pregnancy which costs the lives of a large number of babies every year may quickly be identified by a straightforward blood test a long time before symptoms develop. Pre-eclampsia affects up to 1 in ten women in the later stages of pregnancy and places the baby’s life at risk – symptoms include high blood pressure, proteins in urine, swelling and in serious cases, liver seizures and problems.