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Her previous research has shown that mixed-handed children are as most likely as right-handed children to possess ADHD symptoms twice, but the connection with stress in pregnancy, which leads to as many mixed-handed children twice, is a new discovery. Dr Rodriguez said she hoped this brand-new research would change the debate towards avoidance and lead to more work on supporting pregnant women. As a head in orthopaedic sports medication, AOSSM annually provides more than $350,000 to research initiatives and tasks around the national country. Highlights of this full year;s award recipients include: 2015 AOSSM Small Investigators Grant The Small Investigator Grant is specifically designed to support young experts who’ve not received prior funding, and is supported by person giving to the Society.In the U.S., suicide claims over 34,000 lives annually, the equivalent of 94 suicides per day; one suicide every a quarter-hour.4 million adults aged 18 or older thought seriously about taking their own lives, 2.3 million made a suicide program, and 1.1 million attempted suicide.. Alaska passes ordinance to end its water fluoridation program For 44 years, the town of Palmer, Ak., provides been fluoridating its water supply, which is sourced from natural wells in the certain area. But because of concerted public outcry and growing momentum in Alaska and elsewhere to get rid of the practice, the Palmer City Council has officially approved an ordinance repealing the town’s drinking water fluoridation mandate.