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CDAD)Pharma Announces Preclinical data to support the benefit of Non – Toxigenic Clostridium difficile epidemic strain AgainstViroPharma Incorporated today announced the presentation of new data from preclinical studies of non-toxigenic Clostridium difficile at the 5th International Conference on the Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Clostridia , June to 25 in Nottingham, UK instead facts . NTCD NTCD. Be protective against the currently circulating hypervirulent ‘BI ‘strain of C. Difficile in a hamster model Additional data during the session for the protection of data by demonstrating that NTCD. Presents showing higher adherence to human rights mucosal cells compared to the BI strain and to traditional strains of C. Difficile – ‘These data are important because they show that non-toxigenic that ‘spread in the U.S., Canada and Europe, said Colin Broom, in humans. ‘These data are not only significant, but important, because to take into account current and future therapies would have effectiveness against this hypervirulent strain, a substantial increase in a substantial increase in the severity of CDAD in humans. ‘ – ‘These new compliance data are particularly important because of the intestinal mucosa cell adhesion is a potential virulence factor of the BI strain,’added Dale Gerding, Associate Chief of Staff for Research at the Hines VA Hospital. ‘The superior adhesion of NTCD strain M3 compared to the hypervirulent BI strains continues to affirm the determination that there is a high level of protection in an animal model for CDAD against the BI strains. This high level of protection afforded by NTCD against this virulent epidemic strain in preclinical in preclinical models of CDAD development development of this new therapeutic approach. ‘.

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