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AP / Cleveland Plain Dealer: The AP / Plain Dealer on Wednesday examined a recommendation from CMS officials that Medicare beneficiaries examine their prescription drug plans for changes for the 2007 plan years. In a speech to directors of state Medicaid programs, said HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt, that the first year of the Medicare Prescription Drug benefit was a rigorous experience for all of us, adding, we have succeeded (Freking, AP / Cleveland Plain Dealer. läs artikeln

Chicago Tribune: the Tribune on Thursday examined the increased number of beneficiaries of Medicare Prescription Drug plans available Illinois for the program 2007 years, according to proponents. beneficiaries currently enrolled in prescription drug plans e-mail e-mail for information from health insurance of any changes for the 2007 plan year. Medicare beneficiaries should also prescription drug plan coverage options to explore during the so-called ‘donut hole ‘coverage gap because some plans only generic medications covered during the coverage gap by proponents (Graham, Chicago Tribune.

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