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Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition encourages parents to fill up on healthy breakfasts for kids The back-to-school movement is in full swing. As parents scour stores for the year's school supplies, the Academy of Dietetics and Diet encourages them to stock up on healthy breakfast foods, too. Is Kids Eat Best Month August, the perfect time to emphasize how a healthy breakfast is vital in providing kids the nutrition and energy they need to succeed in school. ‘Studies also show that breakfast eaters tend to have higher school attendance, less tardiness and fewer hunger-induced stomachaches each morning, which means fewer outings to the school nurse, ‘ says registered dietitian Academy and nutritionist Spokesperson Toby Smithson.— can also help you create a positive body image. Be yourself. The body is just one part of who you are — along with your talent for comedy, an instant wit, or all the other things that make you unique. Your talents, skills, and beliefs are simply as much part of you as the casing they can be found in. So do not let minor imperfections take over. While it is important to have a positive body image, getting too focused on body image and appearance can cause a guy to overlook the other positive parts of himself.