As indicated by measures of hypoxia.

Diabetes.g problems during sleep Connected with dementia or cognitive impairmentA study in the 10th August issue of JAMA published showed that older women with sleep-disordered breathing , as indicated by measures of hypoxia , were more likely to develop cognitive impairment or dementia than women without the disease.

The study examined 298 women with a mean age of 82.3 years without dementia at baseline. All the women had reduced a night polysomnography between January 2002 and April 2004 in a substudy of the study of osteoporotic fractures. Sleep-related breathing was as an apnea-hypopnea index and partial obstructions of breathing occurring per hour of sleep) of 15 or more specified.

These results are promising, but it will be years before it is known whether a similar procedure would have therapeutic value for humans, said lead author, Eugene Redmond Jr., professor of psychiatry and neurosurgery at Yale. Not only are stem cells a potential source of replacement cells, they also seem to quite a number of effects that have to normalize other abnormalities, Redmond Redmond. the the human neural stem cells migrated primates migrated and functional significance.Available enable Orthopaedic Surgeons To Future fracturediagnosed A key Last tool to orthopedic surgeon a better and treating osteoporosis, which regards the world one in three women, one to diagnose of five men and costs billions and treating was present published.

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