Angelique Pijpers NWO NWO.

Angelique Pijpers ‘ NWO NWO.###For more information, please contact:* Dr. Angelique Pijpers * The dissertation was on the 10th January 2007* Supervisor Prof. CI defended de Zeeuw* Associate Supervisor Dr RuigrokContact: Dr.Neighbourhood Policy, sentences of 6 Health Workers RecallAfter five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor were sentenced to death by a Libyan infecting infecting ostensibly about 400 children with HIV intentionally, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European Commissioner for Foreign Relations and Neighbourhood Policy, Libya Libya to remember the sentences.

Pijpers reconstructed the modular anatomy of the cerebellum by injecting small quantities of traceable substances. Assignment mapping of different ‘stations’ of the information path. Reconstruction revealed that the in in a number of modules or links aligned. Aligned. Until now had been thought that the climbing fiber and mossy fiber systems were organized in very different ways. But after Pijpers they also exhibit similarities.Also been found Dr. And pharmacology University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

‘ By testing as for EPCA for men with high PSA , we may be able to detect the presence of prostate cancer earlier, before they can be detected by biopsy patients to save fears and the stress of your repeatable method, and will allow us to treat the disease earlier. ‘.

Dr. Professor Getzenberg explains to EPCA one marker protein that to earliest changes occurring in cell, indicates during the development of of cancer.