Almost three-quarters of the study cohort were poor.

Almost three-quarters of the study cohort were poor, Physical violence family income of less than $ 300 per month. Forty-five % were currently HIV positive.Almost half of the that their male partners had serious problems with the law had been arrested for a violent offense and in prison in prison. Nine % of women reported that their intimate partners were both problem drinkers and used intravenous / street / prescription drugs.

Emotional violence includes humiliation, intimidation, extreme jealousy and isolation from family or friends. Sexual violence includes forced sex and refusal to use or permit contraception.

The researchers say were poor findings suggest it is value in studying of the problem of male violence through the perceptions of abused women, including those who are currently ‘outside’developed social services and legal to help them. To help them. – ‘Can not be the meaning of listening to the voices of women are stressed enough and requires further exploration,’says O’Campo.We did some comments about this study, some of these study had proposed, and some are not. Popular question most popular question are reflected in this email: ‘I wonder Hausfrauen it make any difference in the health of the children of working mothers and full-time housewives.

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