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The patients received cells expanders in both breasts with 144 AeroForm gadgets implanted compared to 77 saline gadgets. Eight patients have been withdrawn and problems are equivalent in both groups. As we enroll the ultimate patients in to the XPAND work and study towards a potential FDA clearance, we stick to track with our programs to roll out this essential new treatment choice in Australia. We continue steadily to work towards our objective of providing breast reconstruction sufferers with a quicker more comfortable and convenient method of tissue expansion.?..Market.Study Z-033 The first multi-center efficacy trial Z-033 was conducted in 53 sites in the United States and Canada, with 8 additional sites in European countries. The scholarly study included 667 patients under the guidance of lead investigator, Herbert Lepor, M.D., Professor and Chairman, Section of Urology, at NYU School of Medicine, New York. Patients entered a 1 – to 4-week screening period to confirm severity and stability of voiding symptoms predicated on the International Prostate Sign Score . Patients were then randomly assigned to cetrorelix or placebo in a double-blind fashion. Patients were administered cetrorelix by intra-muscular injection at Week 0, 2, 26 and 28 .