Air and noise pollution has severe effects on heart health Cardiovascular diseases.

Tomorrow the European Culture of Cardiology , together with the European Association for Cardiovascular Avoidance and Rehabilitation and the European Heart Network , will become officially launching the 'Environment & the Heart Marketing campaign' to raise awareness about the need to create healthy environments for the safety of heart health and to encourage policymakers' action. Healthcare professionals, affected person advocates, policymakers and the wider open public are invited to join the advertising campaign by signing the online petition on The campaign has been launched at ESC Congress, the world's largest & most influential cardiovascular event, collection to assemble over 30 000 delegates for five times in London.Clancy, M.D. ‘While Hispanics face issues in getting access to healthcare services and a higher rate of uninsurance, great communication with health care professionals is one step they are able to take to enhance their health and healthcare quality.’ The campaign helps the HHS Action Plan to Reduce Ethnic and Racial Health Disparities, the Department’s first-ever strategic action plan to reduce wellness disparities among racial and ethnic minorities in the United States. AHRQ’s recently published 2010 National Healthcare Disparities Record found that, compared with whites, the proportion of Hispanics who survey having poor conversation with their health providers is usually widening and the %age who regularly get important screening assessments to check for diabetes or cancer isn’t improving.