AHF criticizes HHS for delays and mistakes in distributing HIV/Helps funds Today.

Health Assets and Solutions Administration as the primary reason behind the delay saying: ‘Furthermore, HRSA had staff turnover that resulted in some errors in calculating awards and a backlog at its workplace in charge of grants, increasing the slowdown, agency officials told advocates and suppliers in a conference call in early August, according to individuals in the decision.’ Though the Post reported that, ‘Officials said they were unaware of any services take off due to the months-long delay,’ that is not accurate... Adults with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes recruited for Protege Encore clinical trial Dr. Bruce Bode announced today that he’s right now recruiting adults with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes for Protege Encore, a randomized, placebo-controlled Phase III clinical trial. This is actually the second of two Stage III studies tests the basic safety and efficacy of an investigational medication called teplizumab. The 1st study, known as Protege, has finished enrollment greater than 530 subjects with type 1 diabetes. There is currently no authorized therapy to gradual the progression of type 1 diabetes. In sufferers with type 1 diabetes, T cells of the immune system attack and eliminate beta cells that can be found in the pancreas and make insulin.