AGO selects Sheridan Healthcare as strategic partner Sheridan Health care.

AGO selects Sheridan Healthcare as strategic partner Sheridan Health care, Inc. Has expanded its presence in Central Florida with the affiliation of Anesthesiologists of Greater Orlando, Inc. ‘Anesthesiologists of Greater Orlando is a highly regarded practice, and we are proud they selected Sheridan as their strategic partner levitra bucodispersable . The affiliation of practices like AGO with Sheridan are a result of the romantic relationships we build with suppliers, and the value they find in the investments we make to aid our procedures and improve patient treatment,’ stated Robert Coward, President and Chief Working Officer of Sheridan..

AG Mednet receives patent for diagnostic imaging studies AG Mednet, the world’s largest diagnostic imaging network, today that the U announced.S. Patent Office experienced granted the ongoing firm patent number 7765109, Systems and methods for offering diagnostic imaging studies to 1 or more interpreters and choosing one or more of the interpreters to supply an interpretation of the images based on one or more variables. The patent broadly has a number of key improvements in the field, all of which are made a truth for the first time by AG Mednet to all or any its users world-wide. AG Mednet’s unique capability to collect image examinations, validate data, notify senders and recipients and catch submission metrics, makes it the most robust compliance, validation and management device in the market.