ACoS Commission on Cancer.

We commend the American University of Surgeons Commission on Cancer and the over 50 CoC-accredited facilities in Pennsylvania for his or her commitment to transparency and accountability. Partnering with them offers afforded patients with a distinctive opportunity to examine which cancers programs are achieving high quality results through compliance with criteria of treatment, Erik Muther, PHCQA Executive Director, said. The National Cancer Database , a nationwide oncology data source operated by the American Malignancy Culture and Commission on Malignancy, played an important role to make this collaboration happen.Its mechanism of action entails the selective blockade of multiple ion stations in the heart that are known to be active during episodes of atrial fibrillation. In October 2003, Cardiome granted Astellas Pharma US, Inc. A special license to develop and commercialize KYNAPID in THE UNITED STATES, with Astellas responsible for 75 percent of development costs. Astellas and Cardiome conducted four successful Phase 3 medical trials which demonstrated the potential for KYNAPID as a conversion agent.