According to a report in the March issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

At three follow-up surveys executed every eight months, participants answered queries about adjustments in drinking habits and ownership of alcohol-branded merchandise. The %age of teenagers owning alcohol-branded merchandise ranged from 11 % at the eight-month study to 20 % at the 24-month survey. The most commonly owned products were clothing and headwear , with the rest of the items a wide selection that included jewelry, essential chains, shot glasses, pens and posters. Most of the brands were beer, including 45 % that presented the Budweiser label.‘Medical groupings are actively addressing the requirements of doctors throughout their careers, providing mentoring and leadership opportunities, and flexible work options.’ ‘Medical groups can plan increased turnover by identifying key demographics in which turnover rates will be the highest, and find ways to address the reason for turnover at its supply,’ said Lori Schutte, President, Cejka Search. ‘In the past five years, we have seen turnover rates consistently trending higher for young, full-time female doctors and pre-retirement male doctors.