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For comparison, about 285 million people had the disease four years back just. Eighty % of individuals with the disease reside in low – and middle-income countries, and most of them are between 40 and 59 years old. The organization also said that one individual dies from diabetes every six seconds, or around 5.1 million deaths annually. ‘Diabetes is a disease of development. The misconception that diabetes is definitely ‘a disease of the rich’ is still held, to the detriment of required funding to combat the pandemic desperately. In coming years we have much to accomplish in making the case for those who have diabetes today and will have later on,’ Michael Hirst, president of the IDF, said in a statement.The technology is set to become improved and made more cost effective bringing individualized medication predicated on your genome a reality. Your doctor may never prescribe you a drug which you might have a detrimental reaction to. Professor Quake underwent counseling before the entire study was completed to enable him to better process the information about the possible illnesses that his genes may have got hidden in them. A Heliscope was used by The team sequencer from Helicos BioSciences and was then twice checked using an Illumina Inc Sequencer. Quake said that obtaining a genome sequence isn’t for everybody. ‘Whatever you hear about when they discuss your genome is ways you’re going to die and get sick.