Academy of Ophthalmology reacts to recent study on eye examinations for children Sean Donahue.

Mandating complete eye exams for all preschool children is medically unnecessary and wasteful of limited assets. States that have active screening applications in place, such as for example North Carolina, have proven screening to be impressive in detecting children with vision problems. Jennifer Talbot, chief and president working officer for Prevent Blindness, North Carolina, said, surveys of optometrists and ophthalmologists inside our condition indicate they think that the screenings work in correctly identifying kids with eye complications.Finally, children with neutropenia who had been receiving treatment for cancers had been excluded, although HMPV can cause serious and fatal disease in such children.7,12,18,35,56,57 Additional research in unique populations are had a need to capture the complete burden of HMPV disease. In conclusion, HMPV is frequently associated with acute respiratory illness in small children that requires medical attention, and HMPV infection represents a considerable health care burden among both outpatients and inpatients.

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