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The modification to the existing process was conducted with the authorization and the collaboration of AFC’s client. The LLC process improvement was demonstrated this past year at bench level by the R&D group and was transferred to commercial scale this summer, stated Richard Beatty, Vice President, Product Management. This change along the way is a major milestone in attaining an increased throughput by removing a volumetric pinch stage in the entire process.The degree of elevated risk did not appear to be affected by the type of alcoholic beverages consumed. Composing in the Journal of the National Malignancy Institute, the study authors revealed: We discovered that females who drank one or more drinks a time had about dual the chance of lobular type breast cancer, but no upsurge in their risk of ductal type breasts cancer. It is necessary to note that ductal tumor is much more common than lobular malignancy, accounting for approximately 70 per cent of all breast cancers, whereas lobular malignancy accounts for only about ten to 15 per cent of instances. Henry Scowcroft, science information manager at Cancer Study UK, commented: This fresh study confirms that breast cancer is more common among women who drink alcohol regularly – and the more they drink the even more this risk increases.