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Record Examines Malnutrition Funding In related information, Medecins Sans Frontieres released a report that examines funding for global malnutrition, IRIN reviews . The statement discovered that [f]unding by rich countries to fight malnutrition has remained toned for seven years, according to an MSF press release. The statement also reveals the tremendous waste built into the food aid program. According to MSF, a lot of the nutrition funding gap could be filled by partly re-allocating existing money towards the most vulnerable group, kids under five. MSF’s Stephane Doyon, who co-authored the statement, said, The emphasis can be more on quantity instead of quality, and hardly ever does the meals aid focus on the most vulnerable organizations: children under five, women that are pregnant and lactating mothers, IRIN writes .Their younger sister Megan Sauer planned to have surgery too, but she was diagnosed with malignancy before she could proceed beneath the knife. Shepard describes her a reaction to the news headlines of sister’s diagnosis: ‘It had been like rocks hit us. We thought she’d be fine because she was so young.’ Her cancer medical diagnosis came when she was 27 years previous and simply weeks after her wedding day. Because she knew the BRCA was experienced by her gene and had been screened regularly, the cancer was captured early and treated immediately. She is in remission and successful now. ‘If you believe there is a risk in your loved ones, speak to your physician who is well versed in breast cancer, and get an opinion on whether you deserve testing,’Dr.